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White Papers & Case Studies

"B2B White Paper & Case Study Writer"

Using a B2B White Paper & Case Study that Provide Real Value

You want a B2B white paper or case study to move a lead to the next stage in your sales cycle. To do that, your B2B content must give prospects what they want.

According to 77% of tech buyers asked, the number one mistake B2B technology content makes is focusing too much on marketing and not enough on providing actionable, credible knowledge. Here’s what prospects do want:

  • 65% want valuable information about best practices.
  • 64% want solid facts to support your claims.
  • 62% want both their business and technical needs addressed.

A B2B White Paper & Case Study Writer Tells Your Best Stories

Your company has both obvious and hidden success stories. I can work with you and other key people in the company to find the success stories that best display how your customers are benefiting today from your technology.

Through my careful research and fluid writing style, you can educate your leads about the value of your offerings in the most persuasive manner – through compelling stories.

With my copy, your white papers and case studies can…

  • present clearly defined benefits supported with credible, real-world examples.
  • describe, in precise and moving language, exactly how your technology serves their business.
  • deliver the key messages of your technology and your company in an engaging, memorable style.

You can read more about me or my other services. If you’re ready to discuss your project, contact me today. There’s no obligation.

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