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B2B Technology Marketing Services from a Copywriter Who Thinks like a Business Person

Typical B2B copywriters approach your materials as writers.

I bring a second approach in addition to a writer’s eye. I also have the experience and mindset of a business person. So I approach every deliverable I create with this important question: How does this content help readers achieve their specific business goals?

That means I create:

  • White papers and case studies rich with the important metrics, tips, and context that matter to that audience and industry.
  • Email and newsletter campaigns that don’t waste your prospects’ or customers’ time with fluff but have actionable information and clear, compelling offers.
  • Sell sheets and sales templates with key messages and metrics and that are easy and effective for your salespeople to use.

In truth, my B2B technology marketing services can include any of the following types of pieces:

  • White Papers
  • Case Studies
  • Newsletters
  • Email Responder Series
  • Web Content, including Landing Pages, Blog Posts, and Articles
  • Sales Sheets, Fact Sheets, Tip Sheets, and Brochures
  • Sales Templates, including Proposals, Emails, and Phone Scripts
  • Press Releases

Which materials look most interesting to you? Regardless of which materials I develop, you can count on them to present a compelling picture of your company, its technology, and the value it offers its customers.

Contact me today so we can start discussing your project.

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