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B2B Email Marketing & Newsletter Writing

" B2B Newsletter writer& B2B Email Marketing"

Deliver Valuable Content – Right When They Want It

Well-crafted B2B newsletter writing and B2B email marketing cultivate the budding relationship between you and your prospects. They’re also critical to maintaining that relationship when a prospect becomes a customer.

But how often do tech buyers really want to hear from you?

As often as you have something valuable to say.

Fewer than a third of tech buyers polled held to the “rule” that they don’t want to hear from tech vendors more than once a month. Instead, as long as you’re delivering valuable information that speaks directly to the prospects’ interests, your newsletters, emails, and web content will be welcome.

In fact, 58% of tech buyers cited the timeliness of your B2B content as one of its most important factors. So you need to stay in touch with current information.

Regardless of the marketing content service package you select, you’ll get:

  • creative brainstorming for eye-catching story ideas.
  • easily digestible pieces of knowledge that prospects will remember and share.
  • targeted, meaningful facts and writing that highlight your technology’s benefits.

You can read more about me or my other services. If you’re ready to discuss your project, contact me today. There’s no obligation.

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