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About Me

A B2B Copywriter Who Understands Your Business and Your Prospects

I’ve always been keenly aware of the power of words. At each stop along my professional path, my ability to bring people together through meaningful communication has been my hallmark.

I now use that skill to produce effective B2B writing.

My love for the written word led me to law school. I loved the idea of working in an office that had a library. As an attorney, I quickly realized that while the law uses lots of words – it rarely uses them well. Nothing made me more committed to writing in a simple, direct, and powerful style than slogging through the drafting of an insurance policy!

Transitioning from Lawyer to Technology Consultant

When I moved to the tech world, I brought with me everything the law had taught me about how to identify issues, analyze solutions, and persuade people to action. These skills helped me quickly understand how to apply technology to business needs.

Working on custom development projects, I explained the business needs to the tech people in their language, so they could design and develop useful software. Then I translated the technology solution back into the language of the business people so they could use it effectively.

Because good communication is always a 2-way street.

As a client services and project manager overseeing a multimillion dollar account at a contact center, I ensured that all the stakeholders (clients – senior management – support departments – people on the phone) were well-served by the relationship.

My extensive use of scorecards and targeted reports showed each of them precisely how their specific goals and interests were being met.

My facilitation of meaningful communication among these groups was critical to the success of projects and relationships for all. Often resulting in clients expanding their projects or bringing return business.

Professional, Creative, Reliable

That’s how many people who’ve worked with me describe both my personality and my writing style.

I draw on the full scope of my professional background when writing copy. And I appreciate the unique qualities of effective B2B content that move people to action. That’s why I don’t rely solely on my previous professional experience. I’ve also studied with American Writers & Artists Incorporated (AWAI) to become a B2B copywriter.

Check out my LinkedIn profile if you’d like to read more about my professional and educational background. You can also read more about my services or contact me directly to start talking about your project.


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