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Powerful B2B Technology Marketing that Builds Confidence in Your Company and Moves People to Action


It’s difficult to find a B2B copywriter who can explain your technology to a prospect in a way they can easily understand.

It’s even more difficult to find one who can transform technological explanations into compelling marketing content that really connects with people and makes them more receptive to your marketing message.

But you need your B2B technology marketing materials to move qualified prospects farther along your funnel so you can meet your sales targets. That’s where I come in.

As a senior technology consultant, I’ve shepherded clients through every phase of the buying cycle. My clear communication style translated complex technology into options clients could confidently assess. I can use those skills to craft B2B technology marketing materials for you that result in:

  • More highly qualified leads
  • Shortened sales cycles
  • Lower costs of customer

For 79% of tech buyers, the quality of your B2B marketing content significantly affects their decision whether to do business with you. Prospects research your technology long before they’re ready to speak to sales. To keep prospects moving along your sales funnel, I can produce written materials for you that give them the confidence that:

  • Your technology fulfills their business needs.
  • Your technology works exactly as promised.
  • Your company will be a reliable partner for them.
  • Your company understands their business.

B2B Technology Marketing That Builds Relationships

For the tech buyer, a purchase is never simply buying a product or service. It’s more than buying a business solution. It’s about starting a fruitful relationship with an engaged vendor. My past experience as a player on both sides of the technology buying process can be your key to having B2B marketing content that moves your prospects.

If this sounds like content you can use, take a closer look at my services or get in touch with me today to discuss how I can help you build relationships that transform prospects into customers. There’s no obligation.


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